Submit Non-Conformance

Is this Non-Conformance?

Before completing this form answer the following questions –

Does this non-conformance issue fit within the date parameters of TQM?

  • If a customer return/mistake made occurred within the same calendar year that it is being reviewed, it will be subject to be filed as a customer return or mistake made regardless of the amount of time passed between the occurrence and review. However, if a customer return or a mistake made occurred in the previous calendar year from the review date, it can only be counted and logged if the occurrence happened within the previous 3 months of the previous year (October 1st -December 31st). After 3 months in to the current year (March 31th), no more customer returns or mistakes made will be subject for review from the previous calendar year.

Were customer specifications negatively affected based off of the following statement?

  • Eliminating errors in order taking, order entry, fabrication, purchasing, receiving, and shipping that would result in a delivery of an item that did not meet customer specifications.

If yes to both, then continue. If no, please do not submit a Non-Conformance Form.